2017 ProStart Competition Start Times

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ProStart Competition Information

MEALS—All meals are on your own (except the Salute Awards dinner, which is complimentary). The Rosen Plaza has on-site dining and there are other restaurant options nearby. Pointe Orlando is located across the street from the hotel and offers multiple restaurant choices.

REFRIGERATION – Refrigeration will be provided onsite to store items while not competing.  You may place your items in the walk-in when you arrive.  It may be stored there until you compete.  Even if you arrive on Friday and do not compete in Culinary until Saturday, you can store items in the refrigerator until your competition time on Saturday.  Your refrigerated items can be dropped off any time after 8 AM on Friday.

HATS – We will provide hats for all competing students.  The Culinary and Edible Centerpiece students must wear the hats while competing.  The Management and Waiter Relay students are not required to a hat while competing.  The hats will be mailed to you before the competition.

CULINARY -Key changes to look for in the Culinary Competition: Chicken fabrication has been eliminated; knife skills will be demonstrated during the 60 minute meal preparation; the entrée now consists of a center-of-the-plate item and accompaniments instead of a protein, starch and vegetable. The entrée verbiage below was modified to better allow for vegetarian meals.  The past concept of a protein, starch and vegetable is allowed.  “Center of the plate” does not mean the item is required to be in the center of the plate.

TEMPLATES for Culinary & Management – The Recipe & Costing Templates can be found above under Competition Rules.

MANAGEMENT – Key changes to look for in the Management Competition: the written proposal has been simplified; the format for presentation of the team’s concept to judges has changed; there will be no PowerPoint presentations (and no jump drives). There will be a visual element consisting of two posters.  Teams will be assigned a booth similar to one at a trade show and groups of judges will come to them to hear specific mini-presentations about elements of their concept.

WAITERS RELAY – Key changes to look for in the Waiters Relay Competition: The napkin folds have changed. The new napkins folds are ROSE, BIRD OF PARADISE and PINWHEEL. CLICK HERE to view a YouTube tutorials for each fold and to see the place settings.  Pictures of the finished folds are also provided in the rules. When preparing for this event, only use the pictures provided in the rules.  Do not use any other pictures as they may differ.  Place setting pictures can be found in Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts, Level One, Page 653.  All the napkin folds and place settings can be found at the link above under Rules, Waiters Relay. Another key change: the coaching ban has been lifted. All spectators can now cheer and coach their team from the sidelines. Place mats will not be used for any of the required place settings.  Only dinner forks, spoons and knives will be provided.  That simply means the contestants do not need to worry about butter knife vs. dinner knife.  They still need to put all of the silverware in the correct place.

AWARDS DINNER – The Salute to Excellence Awards Dinner will take place on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.  All ProStart competition awards will be presented along with Hospitality Excellence Awards, Pineapple Awards and FRLAEF Scholarships.  All ProStart teachers, all competing team members, Hospitality Excellence Award recipients, Pineapple Award recipients and Scholarship recipients may attend the dinner free of charge.

Additional tickets may be purchased in advance for $60. No tickets will be sold on site this year. To purchase additional tickets with a credit card CLICK HERE.

Tickets may also be purchased by checks made payable to FRLAEF and mailed to:

PO Box 1779
Tallahassee, FL  32302

All ticket payments must be received by the FRLAEF no later than February 24, 2017 to guarantee a seat at the Salute Awards dinner.

HOTEL  The Rosen Plaza Hotel will be the host site for the 2017 ProStart Culinary Team Competitions.  The room rate at the Rosen Plaza is $129 per night.

Based on other groups in the hotel and our past room night totals, the Rosen Plaza does expect to be full during our event.  In the event they can not accommodate all of our guest, they are offering rooms at the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando.  The rates at the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando are $109 per night.

To reserve hotel rooms at either property, please contact the Rosen Plaza/Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando at 800-627-8258 and reference the FRLAEF ProStart Competition Salute to Excellence.  The deadline to make hotel reservations is February 3, 2017 or when the hotel reaches capacity.

SCORE SHEETS – To be successful, your students must know their score sheet.  Teams do not want to “give” points away by not having a uniformed appearance, having visible piercing, incorrect math on costing template, etc. All score sheets are included with the rules of each competition and can be found at the link above.

STIPENDS – Each team will receive a $250 stipend per competition.  A team competing in one competition will receive $250 while a team competing in all four competitions will receive $1,000.  The competition stipends will be mailed in February.  If a team backs out of a competition after receiving their stipend, they must reimburse the FRLAEF for the stipend.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Laura can be reached at laura@frla.org or 321-689-7192.  Amy can be reached at aparker@frla.org or 866-288-8820 x.250.