Administer ServSafe®

ServSafe® Implementation

In order for teachers to give their students the ServSafe® exam, they can either become a ServSafe® proctor or a dual role instructor.  If teachers decide to become a proctor, they just need to take a 15 question online tutorial regarding the ServSafe® Exam Administration Handbook.  In order to become a ServSafe® dual role instructor, teachers must take the ServSafe® exam.  Either role will allow you to teach and test your students with the ServSafe® exam.

The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA) offers the ServSafe® exam in most areas once a month. Click here to find testing locations and times. To alleviate costs of the review class and testing, a ServSafe® proctor/dual role instructor may give the exam to any teacher that needs it. The examinee would need to have a ServSafe® scantron to take the exam.

ServSafe® Exam booklets are provided free of charge (you may order any review materials you wish). While the exams are free, each examinee must have a scantron, which is not free. The proctor/dual role instructor needs to log in at and order ServSafe exam booklets two weeks in advance to receive free Shipping & Handling.

The FRLAEF also recommend examinees study with ServSafe® Manager book since it can be a difficult and tricky test. CLICK HERE for the price list and ordering information for these items. (These prices are for Secondary schools ONLY.)

Once teachers have passed the test and have received their ServSafe® certificate they can register at to become a ServSafe proctor or dual role instructor with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

How to Administer the ServSafe® Exam

Become a ServSafe® Proctor. This will allow teachers to do everything they need to do to administer the exam to their students. The teacher may also give a review class.  Once they have followed the step above and created an account at, they can go to Instructors/Proctors and click on Register or Renew as a ServSafe® Instructor or Proctor to apply for proctor status.  The teacher will be asked to complete a fifteen question Proctor Tutorial and Quiz. This is based on information from the ServSafe® Examination Administrative Handbook which can be downloaded and/or printed. You can also download page-by-page screen shot instructions here.

After you complete the Proctor registration, NRAEF (Service Center) will email you your password/login (usually within 24-48 hours) and then you can begin scheduling your ServSafe exams at www.servsafe.comAs a Proctor you have to order the exam booklets for your students and order the exam scantrons. The exam booklets come from and the exam scantrons come from us. If you need any scantrons, click on the price list above. We accept POs and credit cards. NRAEF will UPS your test booklets a few days before your exam. They will include instructions and a return envelope and label to return the exam booklets and scantrons to them for grading.

If you wish to give your students the online version of the exam, you can do so by following the instructions above, except choose the Online version instead of Print when scheduling your exam.  After you schedule your exam, NRAEF Service Center will email you a Proctor Access Code. Instead of scantrons, each of your students will need their own Exam Access Code. These are $36 and can be purchased from us (see link to price list above). Once an order has been placed, these Exam Access Codes will be emailed to you. The ServSafe Exam Administration Handbook linked above has complete Online Proctoring Instructions. You can also download page-by-page screen shot instructions here (they follow the Proctor instructions at this document). CLICK HERE for screen shot instructions for the examinee.