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The National Restaurant Association ServSafe® exam is written on an 8th grade level. We have provided some tools below to help you prepare your students for this difficult exam.


National Food Safety Month Exam Resources,  activities and exercises.

YouTube: National Restaurant Association Channel / Playlist = ServSafe: ServSafe Short Food Safety Videos

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ServSafe® Diagnostic Review Test

This ServSafe® Diagnostic review has an answer key after the test questions. If your students miss any questions, the last page will point them to the relevant chapter.

Altha High School Students Earn 100% Pass Rate on ServSafe®

by Marie Granger, Altha Public School

This school year I administered the ServSafe® exam to my students for the first time.  Only half of them passed.  In order to get a higher pass rate, I knew I and my students would have to do things differently this year.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF)  breaks down the number of questions missed in each area of the test.  I used this information to focus on foods, since a majority of questions came from that section in the past.  However, we did not skip any part of the book.  I have nine ServSafe® Essentials that students shared as we reviewed the material with the help of the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is invaluable with two power points (8 hour and 16 hour), a sample test and answer sheets. Using the ServSafe® Essentials and the 16 hour power point we reviewed and discussed each chapter. We also answered the questions at the end of each chapter together. Students took notes as we went through.

The review took approximately three weeks after which we took the sample test.  Students then used the sample test and their notes to study for the 90 question ServSafe® exam.  I stressed many times that passing this exam would be very beneficial to them in the foodservice industry.  I also emphasized the importance to our school grade next year.  Finally, if they made a 75 or better (a passing grade for the test) they would not have to take my semester exam.

I am proud to report that all 16 of my students who took the ServSafe® Exam in December passed. The student’s hard work paid off!

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