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CLICK HERE for 2nd Edition online resources–UPDATED with remote exam administration info through 5/31

As schools are scrambling to determine how to put classes online, I recently completed 46 5-minute videos for the Colorado ProStart students that are dual-enrolled at my university.  These videos serve as a chapter introduction for all 44 chapters in both level 1 and 2. They could be used as homework assignments as well. For instance, in Level 2, chapter 9, Food costing, I really get into the math part. The links are below. Please share with your teachers.  These align with the 2nd edition of Foundations books (orange & brown). Chef Jackson Lamb MBA, CSC, CHE, Professor of Hospitality

YouTube Channel Videos:

For 1st edition users needing digital resources, Pearson has provided the following link for assistance:

For online ProStart practice exams and demo videos, go here:

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We also have a page of online Foodsafety Resources here. This includes some ServSafe YouTube videos.

For online ServSafe practice exams and demo videos, go here:

ServSafe Diagnostic Exam and Answer Key (pdf)