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UPDATED 1/27/21



Thanks to all who participated in our Best Practice zoom meetings!

CLICK HERE for notes from all meetings.


E-Book Information can be found HERE. Contact Liz Rice at for a quote.


Florida’s DOE has extended remote proctoring approval through October for the 2019-2020 school year. No decisions have been made about remote proctoring for this school year.

In order to administer the ProStart exams remotely, use the steps below:

  1. Each examinee must have an exam access codes* (codes may be purchased at or you may contact Liz Rice at if you need a quote)
  2. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to virtually proctor the exam.  To learn how to become a Proctor, CLICK HERE.
  3. Send THIS LETTER to each examinee

ProStart Scantron Exchange for Online Codes: If you need to turn in ProStart exam scantrons for online codes, contact Liz Rice at The deadline to exchange your scantrons is 9/1/20.

EXAMVIEW: ExamView® allows you to quickly and easily create, administer, and score paper and online tests. 

Resources for Educators: This includes links to webinars, practice exams, ProStart fact sheets, and more.



Videos and animations are aligned with chapters from Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts, 2nd edition and show you how to apply new skills and techniques!



Due to current school travel restrictions, the FRLAEF was not able to offer in-person ProStart Regional Workshops this fall. Below are Virtual Regional Workshop videos provided by Keiser University.

Stay tuned for additional videos from the Rosen College of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida.

Fresh Mozzarella:

Cheesy Grits Souffle:

Walnut Shrimp:

Quinoa Risotto:

Mexican Street Corn:

ProStart Recipes Ingredients List from Keiser 2020

Virtual South Carolina ProStart Demonstrations:

  ICI Humberto Caribbean Cuisine FINAL

  ICI ChefTany Pita&Falafel

  ICI Wilson GenTso’s

  Chef Geoff Blount’s Chocolate and Truffles Confection’s


Recipe Costing with Chef Colin Roche:  Success in Business Math Handout Packet 

Chocolate Mousse with Chef Mika Kochi:       BPA Formulas

Plating Techniques with Chef Jeremy Houghton (two part video):

The Pros and Cons of Farm Raised Shrimp

Virginia ProStart Industry Interviews and Virtual Tour Series

The Virginia ProStart program has begun an interview series with various members of the industry for teachers to use while many of the teachers are still virtual. We have also created virtual tours of an incubator kitchen, food truck and the brand new facilities for a community college’s culinary program:

Henry Fletcher Interview – 1115 Mobile Kitchen

Shannon Conway Interview – Hatch Kitchen RVA

Chef Jesse Miller Interview – The Kitchens at Reynolds 

Bernadette Young Interview – Capital Ale House

Tamera Harris Interview –  Richmond Region Tourism

Paul Cooper Interview – Retro Hospitality

Virtual Tours

1115 Mobile Kitchen Tour
Hatch Kitchen RVA Tour

They have also created questionnaires for many of the interviews for teachers to use with their students. Please let the FRLAEF know if you would like links to these as well.  They will continue to add interviews and virtual tours to our Virginia ProStart YouTube Channel.


Is there a particular skill or concept you would like our chefs to demonstrate for your students? Fill out the request form here!

Download: Right click on video the download to your computer.


The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) has an on-demand series: “Physiology of Taste.” In these five videos, Chef Robert Tremblay ’10 and Chef Payton Spear ’20 cover the five tastes and their characteristics. You can find several different how-to videos at the link as well.

Whether for use in your classroom, to help engage with your students virtually or to use as part of a homework assignment, this series is perfect to help your students understand one of the most fundamental concepts for working with food.


Educators can also schedule a CIA presentation HERE. 

Beef Universities

  • The Texas Beef Council has put together an online video series exploring the beef lifecycle. Earn up to 7 hours of credit through the Commission on Dietetics Registration or the American Culinary Federation.  CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER.
  •  The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has an online Beef University. Courses are free and completers earn certificates. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND ENROLL.

Demos by ProStart and JWU Graduate


MasterCook: Used by home cooks and professional chefs alike, MasterCook is the only digital recipe management program you’ll ever need! Free subscription for students using FRMCA, Second Edition!

As schools are scrambling to determine how to put classes online, I recently completed 46 5-minute videos for the Colorado ProStart students that are dual-enrolled at my university.  These videos serve as a chapter introduction for all 44 chapters in both level 1 and 2. They could be used as homework assignments as well. For instance, in Level 2, chapter 9, Food costing, I really get into the math part. The links are below. Please share with your teachers.  These align with the 2nd edition of Foundations books (orange & brown). Chef Jackson Lamb MBA, CSC, CHE, Professor of Hospitality

For online ProStart practice exams and demo videos, go here:

The Texas Restaurant Association partnered with Escoffier to create a platform to use as their online resources. These are videos and recipes pulled from their online accredited coursework. CLICK HERE for info and to access the videos. Have your students tag @FRLANews with their work!



ServSafe has created a new Coursebook E-Book. ServSafe is offering an introductory 10% off. Contact Liz Rice at for a quote or to order.


ServSafe is offering remote proctoring through UProctor. Contact Liz Rice for prices and to order.


We have a page of online Foodsafety Resources here. This includes some ServSafe YouTube videos.

For online ServSafe practice exams and demo videos, go here:

ServSafe Diagnostic Exam and Answer Key (pdf)

ProStart Teacher Created YouTube Videos for ServSafe Training

Christopher Bates, ProStart teacher at Wekiva High School has created several videos on YouTube that sync up with ServSafe chapters. His intention is to give students learning from home some online content that would interest them.

Check out the videos HERE.