Payments Without Pesky Limits

Minimalism, a movement to rid life of excess in favor of what’s important, is growing in popularity. It’s only natural the trend would extend to business. And it turns out there’s freedom in simplicity. Now, all you need to run your business is: Your phone Heartland Mobile Pay Your next destination Don’t be fooled; this Read More

Driving Profitability in The Third-Party Delivery Space

Beverages present an untapped, incremental revenue opportunity for restaurants leveraging third-party delivery. According to the marketing team at The Coca-Cola Company, 70% to 80% of on-premises restaurant transactions include a beverage in the order, compared to only a small fraction of third-party delivery orders. “When it comes to beverages and delivery, restaurants are facing a Read More

Five Ways A Multi-Purpose Terminal Can Grow Your Business

Having the right tools to run your business isn’t just a convenience; it makes a difference. For example, owning a swiss army knife enables you to do lots of things faster and better than a dull butter knife. Now apply that principle to the way you do business today. Do you manually track inventory with Read More

Florida Restaurant Owners Ask: Can I Take a Customer’s Temperature?

By Roger Slade The world has changed dramatically in the last ninety days. Just last year the question of whether a restaurant would even ask a customer to take the customer’s temperature would have been unthinkable. Now, it is actually happening: all over the country. Taking your customer’s temperature before dining may provide solace to Read More

Opportunities for Summer Wine Sales

By Bill Edwards As we enter the summer season, restaurants and hotels are facing unique challenges related to operating in the COVID-19 new normal environment. However, even with capacity limitations and other safety restrictions in place, on-premise businesses can still implement creative wine sales and operational strategies to drive business and improve the consumer experience. Read More