SafeStaff Connector December 2020

Welcome back to the SafeStaff Connector. The challenges and sheer volume of information from the pandemic has caused us to minimize our food safety communication. We are looking forward to brighter days ahead with the vaccine and the improvement of treatment. Look for the Connector more frequently in 2021. Holiday Food Safety Reminders:  With conclusion Read More

SafeStaff Connector November 2019

Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control: Make the holiday meal memorable – and tasty – by following CDC’s tips to safely prepare and cook your Thanksgiving turkey The CDC feature (also in Spanish) guides you through the key steps of serving a safe feast for family, guests and friends. If you don’t have a Read More

SafeStaff Connector October 2019

10 Dangerous Food Safety Mistakes:  While this is directed toward the consumer rather than restaurant staff, we are all consumers, aren’t we?  This is a good summary of food safety behaviors to embrace or avoid.  Visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

SafeStaff Connector August 2019

Don’t Wash Raw Chicken Before Cooking:  Washing raw chicken before cooking may leave your sink contaminated with pathogens.  If the sink is not correctly cleaned and sanitized afterward, these pathogens may contaminate the sink and anything inside of it.

SafeStaff Connector July 2019

Hepatitis A Outbreak Still On the Rise:  Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants has posted information about Hepatitis A including an information line, email contact info, and a link to a Florida Department of Health web page for more information.