Welcome to FRLA’s Employee Portal – greatfloridajob.com!  If you are looking for a great job in a Florida hotel, restaurant, resort or theme park, you’ve come to the right place!  The companies listed below are hiring and are looking for someone just like you.  Jobs to be filled can be anything from host/hostess, bus staff, server, dishwasher, chef, cook, management, supervisor, front desk, housekeeper, facility, engineering, grounds, security, bartender, cocktail server, to-go staff, delivery drivers and theme park personnel.

Employment Opportunities:

Innisfree Hotels

Harri- Hospitality Unite


Pizza Hut

DoorDashGrubHubPostmatesUber Eats


If you are an employer in the hospitality industry that would like your employment opportunities listed on this page contact members@frla.org.