Draw in Summer Crowds with Island Oasis On the Rocks

Certain on-the-rocks cocktails immediately evoke summer. Margaritas, Moscow mules and mojitos, to name a few, will have summer vacationers lining (or swimming) up at your bar. Giving classic on-the-rocks cocktails flavorful new twists will make your bar stand out from the crowd at happy hour (or any hour). Here are a few easy ways to expand your menu with new, on-trend cocktails.


Repurposed Perfection

If you are already crafting blended cocktail favorites with Island Oasis® mix, you can expand your menu by crafting new cocktails with mixes you already have on hand without investing in extra inventory and space. The same mix you use to blend your signature margarita tastes just as good served on the rocks– no matter the flavor you choose.

Make it happen:

Classic Margarita

3 oz. Island Oasis Margarita Mix

3 oz. Water

2 oz. Tequila

Pour over ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve.


Painless Prep

Pre-batch cocktail mixes without ice and store them in the fridge for super easy serving. When the rush hits, just shake with ice, add a garnish and serve. One of the beauties of prebatching is that you can customize the size. Prebatch a handful of cocktails and serve a flight of mini drinks. Start with this twist on the popular Moscow Mule, the fastest-growing cocktail year-over-year [1].

Make it happen:

Kentucky Mule:

12 oz. Bourbon

1 carton (32 oz.) Island Oasis Moscow Mule Mix

20 oz. Carbonated Water

Batch liquid together and store in refrigerator. To serve, fill mule glass with ice and dispense matched liquid over top. Garnish with a slice of lime.


Craveable Creativity

Serving drinks on the rocks opens up the door to even more creative mixology. You can customize flavor by muddling fresh herbs or an on-trend flavored syrup. Customization is hugely attractive to consumers, 61% of them say they want the ability to customize their alcoholic beverages away from home [2]. Adding small nuances to an already great cocktail allows you to build enticing LTOs or sought-after seasonal sips. Pump up the drama by topping with an eye-catching (and delicious!) garnish.

Make it happen:

Peach Chipotle Lemonade:

-1.5 oz. DaVinci Gourmet® Peach Chipotle

-3 oz. Island Oasis Lemonade (dilute 1:1 with water)

Build cocktail over ice and garnish with mint leaves.


Offering indulgent, refreshing summer flavors is simple with on-the-rocks cocktails. Expanding your menu with Island Oasis beverage mixes is opens up your menu to new flavor profiles and serving options without driving up back-of-house costs. Stay up to date on the latest Island Oasis inspiration by following Kerry Foodservice on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

[1] Technomic Specialty Drinks, On the Menu Q4-2017
[2] Mintel On Premise Alcohol Trends: US, May 2016