The FRLA Gives Back program highlights numerous charitable initiatives led by compassionate tourism and hospitality members across the state who embrace the spirit of hospitality by giving back to their local communities. The purpose of this initiative is to inspire involvement at all levels of Florida’s hospitality industry, including business owners, employees and our guests, as well as encourage our membership to embrace charitable causes, become civically engaged and invest in future generations. Whether it’s feeding people in need, supporting our neighbors, volunteering, mentoring or fundraising, restaurateurs and hoteliers are making a positive impact here in Florida.

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma came through the State of Florida, affecting millions. Florida’s hospitality industry was a shining example of helping out your neighbor during this time. Lodging properties welcomed evacuees, utility workers and first responders; restaurants fed thousands in shelters; businesses donated money and supplies and employees volunteered their time. Here are just a few examples of FRLA members giving back to the community.

Florida’s hospitality industry must continue to answer the call to help those in need. Reach out to to share your #FRLAGivesBack stories of kindness before, during and after Hurricane Irma.

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