Get Dine-In Customers To Order Online With These 4 Tips

One of the easiest ways to raise awareness of your online ordering with your current customers is using in-store marketing materials, like promo cards and targeted signage. Data shows that diners spend 30% more (and tip more!) when ordering online versus ordering in person or on the phone–so it’s well worth encouraging your regulars to embrace your restaurant’s digital side.

Here are four in-store marketing options for your restaurant to make your online ordering more successful.

Table Tents on Every Top

Table tents are great for speaking to your best customers–the ones already dining at your restaurant. Like tiny billboards on your own real estate, these in-store marketing materials serve up your top-priority messages. Use them to promote your commission-free online ordering for easy pickup or delivery, or offer a discount or seasonal special.

QR codes help smooth your diners’ path from reading the table tents to taking action. Simple to set up and use, QR codes on table tents give your diners something to do with their phones—after taking pictures of their meals, that is!

Promo Cards to Take Home

Send diners home with a physical reminder of a better way to order when you add promo cards to their check presenters or takeout bags. Once out of the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, these take-home marketing materials will reach your diners at a calmer point when they have a moment to take action—such as looking up your commission-free online ordering or downloading your app.

For best results, attach promo cards to the outside of bags or boxes, or better yet, have a staff member actually hand them out with a quick explanation of what’s on offer. That personal touch will go a long way towards making the message stick!

Signs to Make an Impression

Repetition is key, so it helps to promote your commission-free online ordering in several places as diners move through your restaurant. If they missed your sign on the door, for instance, they’ll get another chance to see it at the checkout counter or host stand.

Once these in-store marketing signs are placed, walk through your restaurant with a customer’s perspective, noting where your display can have the most impact.

Stickers as a Finishing Touch

Make your takeout packaging do double duty by advertising your commission-free online ordering with stickers. Adding stickers as a last-minute touch to takeout bags is easier than rebranding your existing materials. They can even be switched up seasonally or monthly to keep up with your specials.

Just make sure not to put your marketing stickers anywhere they might be torn, especially if you’re adding vital information, like a QR code, to them.

Even in the world of digital dining options, using in-store marketing for your online ordering is a tried-and-true way to get the job done. ChowNow has the tools and expertise to expand your takeout business and market your online ordering to your diners. You’ll help your diners with a new and convenient way to get their favorite food, and you’ll boost your business by highlighting an additional way to order—a win-win for everyone.