Interact with Visitors at the Official Florida Welcome Centers

Providing fresh citrus juice, clean restrooms and friendly service as you enter the state, the five Official Florida Welcome Centers welcomed more than 2.7 million visitors to Florida in 2015. Located at the state entry lines on I-10, US231, I-75, I-95 and at the State Capitol, these Welcome Centers provide a warm experience for visitors and a unique opportunity for businesses to get their message in front of prospective guests. Did you know that roughly 30% of visitors that stop at the  Welcome  Centers  don’t  have  finalized  vacation  plans as they begin their travels? This stat presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to market themselves to visitors and drive them to book additional nights and new experiences during their stays.

Getting involved at the Official Florida Welcome Centers is  easy.  There  is  truly  something  for  everyone.  Brochure rack space display tops the list as an inexpensive way to get information about your businesses to visitors. On average a guest will pick up 10 to 14 brochures, so having a presence at the entrance to the state becomes very important. In fact, 34% of travelers modified their trip due to the information they received at a Florida Welcome Center. Another cost- effective way to entice visitors is through VISIT FLORIDA’s Transparency Lease Program. Backlit transparency space is available to prominently displayed photos of your business, event or promotion on the Welcome Centers’ walls.  These displays are available for 12 month leases, but special event leases  can  also  be  arranged  with  the Visitor  Services  staff. VISIT FLORIDA Marketing Partners also receive a discount on both of these programs.

For businesses that want a more engaging experience with travelers, there are sponsorship opportunities for a Kids Corner, designed to entertain and educate children while parents seek out  travel  information.  Similarly,  there’s  an  opportunity  to  “Own  a Welcome Center.” Limited only by your company’s imagination, your company  can  display  buildouts  and  banners,  provide  literature  and giveaways, and make a real impact on travelers as they pass into Florida. These opportunities are open to VISIT FLORIDA Marketing Partners only  and  offer  great  exposure  through  an  immersive  experience  for everyone that walks through the Welcome Center’s doors.

VISIT FLORIDA also welcomes you to join us each season for our Welcome Center festivals. These events are open to both Marketing Partners and Web Partners/Non-Partners and allow businesses to share an 8’x2’ table with an industry member and bring giveaways, coupons, brochures, characters and specials to interact directly with visitors! These events are on a first-come, first-served chance at putting your business front and center with guests as they enter the state.

With millions of visitors making the stop on their way into the state at  VISIT  FLORIDA’s  Welcome  Centers,  participating  in  programs to get their attention is a must. As new opportunities are frequently available, it’s a great idea to head over to planner  to  review  available  Welcome  Center  programs.  You’ll  also find  contact  information  and  program  details  for  everything VISIT FLORIDA offers.

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