Manager’s Tip- Establish Team Trust

Manager’s Tip- Establish Team Trust

By Andrew Baughman

Establish Team Trust

Statistic: 33% of hospitality workers say that a lack of trust from or with management is one of the most stressful parts of their job.

Problem: A certain amount of trust is demonstrated when someone is hired to do a job. Despite this, employees often encounter stressful displays of distrust, such as unnecessary micromanagement, surveillance, and suspicion from leadership. This can cause low morale, bitterness, and lots of stress—very unhelpful when considering turnover rates and team success. In fact, “feeling trusted can lead to improved service performance,” so pursuing a trustful relationship with employees is a win for everyone.

Solution: Communicate and demonstrate trust in your team; encouraging trustworthiness goes a long way when it comes from leadership.

  • Assume that your employees have the best intentions.
  • Model trust by actively listening to your employees when a conflict or challenge arises.
  • Trust your employees’ needs when they request time off.
  • Trust your employees to know what is best for their health, unless you are given reason not to.
    • Most employees do not have medical benefits and cannot afford to pay for a doctor visit. Asking them to prove their illness with a doctor’s note is problematic.
  • Tell your employees about your trust in them, even if it is difficult.

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