2016 Unofficial General Election Results

With hundreds of thousands of newly registered Florida voters since the last presidential election, the 2016 election cycle was certainly one of the most unprecedented elections in the state’s history. All 67 Florida counties offered early voting from October 29 through November 5, 2016, with additional days of early voting being allowed at the discretion of each county Supervisor of Elections. As early voting came to a close, nearly half of Florida’s registered voters had already cast their ballots for the general election by November 6.

For the 2016 election, all of Florida’s 40 state Senate seats were up for re-election. Currently, the Republican-controlled state Senate has 26 Republican seats compared to 14 Democratic seats. Following the 2016 general election, Republicans have 25 seats and the Democrats hold 15 Senate seats

All 120 state House seats were also up for re-election. Currently, the Republican-controlled state House has 81 Republican seats compared to 39 Democratic seats. Following the 2016 general election, the Republicans retained their majority with 79 House seats with the Democrats gaining two seats for a total of 41 House seats.

Four constitutional amendments appeared on Florida’s November 8 statewide general election ballot with only one failing to gain the necessary 60 percent vote for passage. Amendment 1, the controversial solar-energy ballot initiative, fell short of the 60 percent voter approval it needed in the general election. The ballot initiative was one of the most expensive constitutional amendment campaigns in Florida history. As of this report, the amendment had received support of only about 51 percent of voters.

For a full list of Florida’s “unofficial” 2016 General Election results:

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