ALERT: Price Gouging and Hurricane Dorian

[Tallahassee, Fla] Attorney General Ashley Moody has received multiple reports of price gouging for lodging establishments throughout Florida. As Gov. DeSantis declared a State of Emergency for Hurricane Dorian, the Attorney General’s office is actively watching for price gouging to protect Florida’s consumers during this crisis.

FRLA reminds all members that price gouging is illegal and also goes against the very foundation of the hospitality industry.

We understand that some of these reports may be the result of software lodging facilities use that automatically controls pricing based on availability of rooms. Therefore, we strongly urge you to:

  • Actively monitor your prices via your booking software and override pricing as needed.
  • Adjust your inventory to show “no vacancy” rather than allowing the booking software to display an exorbitant price.

Report Price Gouging. Gov. DeSantis declared a State of Emergency for Hurricane Dorian. In counties where there is a State of Emergency, Florida’s price gouging law applies.Learn how to comply and/or report violations online or via the Attorney General’s Price Gouging Hotline at 1-866-966-7226. Protect yourself from price gouging with these tips.

If you have any questions or if FRLA can help you in any way, please contact