Hepatitis A: Keep Guests and Staff Safe

[Tallahassee, Fla] The number of Hepatitis A cases in Florida has steadily increased each month for the last year, and FRLA has partnered with the Florida Department of Health to help spread the word about how to keep guests and staff safe. Hepatitis A is highly contagious and can cause death. While Central Florida currently has the highest concentrated number of confirmed cases, activity levels are increasing state-wide.


What to Watch For

The Food Code has very clear guidelines regarding employee health. Section 2-2 outlines the signs and symptoms of illness that should preclude employees from working. Managers should follow the Food Code, which has proven effective at limiting the spread of illness.


Be Proactive

  • Print and display FDOH’s alert poster for food workers in a prominent place in your kitchen.
  • Take every opportunity to remind staff to wash hands frequently.
  • Follow the Food Code and exclude workers who exhibit signs of illness.


Consider Vaccination

Some counties are offering free or discounted Hepatitis A vaccines. Contact your local health department, and share information about Hepatitis A vaccination with your staff.


For more information about Hepatitis A, please visit the Florida Department of Health or Centers for Disease Control.