Paid Leave

Dear FRLA Members:

As you may know, HB 655 (Paid Leave Preemption) was transmitted to the Governor’s Office today. He has until June 25th to act upon the bill.

In recent weeks, opposition to this bill has become extremely vocal. Therefore, it is critical that our membership communicate to the Governor the importance of this bill.

To help facilitate your support of HB 655, a sample letter is included below. We encourage you to modify the letter to better suit your business.


On behalf of [INSERT BUSINESS NAME], please accept this letter in support of HB 655 relating to Employment Benefits. If signed into law, this bill will preempt to the state the regulation of employee benefits. Recently, there have been attempts at the local government level to adopt regulations governing the employer/employee relationship.  Local regulations of this kind pose a potentially significant increase to the cost of doing business in Florida.  HB 655 will prevent local governments from adopting a patchwork of burdensome and costly regulations regarding employee benefits. This insures uniformity in regulations and preserves the ability of employers to adopt employee benefit practices that best suit their individual companies.

Letters to the Governor should be sent to:

Governor Rick Scott

The Capitol

400 South Monroe Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399

You can also email letters to Governor Scott at

If you have questions, please contact FRLA’s Government Relations office at