Social media scoring big as campaign tool

June 14, 2012, (Written by Bill Cottrell – The Florida Current).  As Gov. Rick Scott began a statewide campaign blitz this week to explain the purge of Florida voter rolls in the face of a federal lawsuit and sagging poll numbers, a large red rectangle popped up on Facebook pages with the message “I stand with Gov. Scott, stop voter fraud.” Within a few hours, the image got more than 700 “shares” and 247 “likes” on the vast social network. The new-media mavens at GOP headquarters were calculating potential voter contacts like Las Vegas oddsmakers, knowing that just under 20 percent of their Facebook friends are in the 45-54 age group and another 11 percent are in the 55-64 age demographic. That’s exactly the segment of Florida’s electorate that the GOP figures will relay the message ultimately to incalculable tens of thousands of  friends.