Tipped Employee Sample Letter

Dear Rep. / Dear Senator

I am a small restaurant owner in ______________ that currently employs more than ___ people.  With the increase in food and fuel costs, unemployment tax hikes, and the minimum wage, restaurants are struggling to stay in business.

With your support of the Optional Guaranteed Tipped Employee Wage Bill (SB 2106), we will be able to increase jobs, expand our business, and create greater opportunities for those working within Florida’s hospitality industry.

We’ve heard from our employees that their wages can vary based on the season, the time of day, and the economy.  This provides a guarantee of higher, stable wages to many of our tipped workforce. This is a measure I support as do many of my colleagues.

SB 2106 will allow us to create a work place where our employees enjoy a competitive salary.  Please support SB 2106.

Kindest regards,

Name of Business Owner
Name of Business
e-mail address

Commerce and Tourism Committee:
Nancy Detert
318 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5081

Paula Dockery
224 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5040

Anitere Flores
316 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5130

Evelyn Lynn
416 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5033

Bill Montford
208 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5004

Jeremy Ring
210 Senate Office Bldg.
(850) 487-5094