FRLA and VISIT FLORIDA Partner on The Great VISIT FLORIDA Beachwalk

October 20, 2010 — The momentum is growing! Florida volunteer organizations and beach-lovers across the state are signing on to what may well be the world’s biggest beach rally — the Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk on Saturday, Nov. 6.

The statewide Beach Walk, sponsored by FRLA, will show the world that Florida beaches are as gorgeous as ever, in photos uploaded to the internet by volunteers who will walk all 825 miles of Sunshine State beaches.

“Floridians are passionate about our beaches and we all have a favorite mile or two,” said Will Seccombe, VISIT FLORIDA Chief Marketing Officer. “This is a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy what we love about Florida and support our state’s economy at the same time. By sharing thousands of photos of every one of Florida’s 825 miles of beaches, we will put to rest any lingering concerns from this summer’s oil spill.”

VISIT FLORIDA, Florida Lottery and Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association are all reaching out through their partners to get the Beach Walk message out to Floridians.

Individuals and groups who want to take part in the historic day’s official tally can learn more and register at Official volunteers commit to walk a designated mile and upload a photo taken along the way. Their photos, and others taken that morning, will appear in real time on the Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk page on, along with an interactive map detailing all the beach miles walked.