RCS Training Taps Intellicheck for Partnership Agreement to Offer Age ID

JERICHO, NY— March 6, 2018 –  Intellicheck  (NYSE AMERICAN: IDN), an industry leader in identification authentication solutions, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with RCS Training, a subsidiary of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA). RCS Training, Florida’s premier provider of alcohol compliance and responsible vendor training for Florida’s hospitality industry, will be making Age ID available to trainees. Age ID authenticates driver licenses and other forms of government-issued identification spotting altered and fake IDs.

FRLA President and CEO Carol Dover said, “This partnership demonstrates our continuing commitment to provide the hospitality industry with access to the state-of-the-art tools that are critical to addressing the important issue of underage drinking. Risk management and regulatory compliance training isn’t just about assuring legal compliance. It is about making sure our trainees return to the communities they serve with a heightened awareness of their responsibilities to avert the devastating consequences that can result from underage drinking.”

Founded in 1984, RCS Training is Florida’s leader in providing risk management and regulatory compliance training programs to the state’s hospitality industry. Harnessing the resources of FRLA industry experts and former regulators, RCS Training is the largest and most respected firm of its kind in Florida.  The FRLA has over 10,000 members with the RCS Training division servicing over 1,600 clients statewide.

Intellicheck President and CEO Bryan Lewis said Age ID has proven its effectiveness. “Age ID has demonstrated its effectiveness for businesses, law enforcement and regulatory compliance agencies across the country. We are proud of our partnership with RCS Training and we know Age ID will provide their trainees with a powerful solution to the challenge of preventing underage access to alcoholic beverages and assuring regulatory compliance.”

Age ID authenticates IDs and verifies age information in real-time with 99.9% accuracy. It can be deployed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and can be integrated with point-of-sale solutions. The cutting-edge technology solution draws on a comprehensive, proprietary database, updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate.