13 Costly Mistakes Restaurant Tenants Make When Negotiating A Commercial Lease Or Renewal

April 29, 2015, 5:28 pm

Tags: Marketing
Learn what your landlord doesn’t want you to know … directly from the industry expert! This session by The Lease Coach will benefit every restaurant owner/tenant who leases commercial or retail space.  “Guaranteed to help tenants negotiate with any landlord… and save thousands of dollars on a commercial lease or renewal”. Learn how to:
  • Negotiate a mid-term rent reduction now – no matter how many years you have left on your lease term.
  • Negotiate for free rent, a tenant allowance and/or your deposit returned.
  • Eliminate personal guarantees (on new leases and renewals).
  • Understand why you should never let the landlord’s real estate agent represent you in your site selection or lease negotiations.
  • Manage lease assignments when buying or selling a restaurant properly. Avoid paying for Phantom Space by re-measuring your premises.

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