Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show Postponed

Recently, the difficult decision has been made to postpone the events involved in the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show (scheduled for September 19-20, 2021) to September 2022.

The safety of you, your colleagues and your loved ones takes precedent at this time. This decision is one that is not taken lightly. Our home is Florida. We recognize the importance of this industry to my home state and see first-hand both the obstacles faced and the strength and perseverance of so many. You are an inspiration to all of us here. We do not take our role in supporting you lightly. While disappointed, I know this is the right thing do to.

John Lederer and Brian Bernstein with Clarion Events will connect with you directly. As you discuss your event plans with them, your Application & License Agreement for Event Participation (“Booth Contract”) authorizes Clarion to cancel and reschedule the event as the direct consequences and health risks of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are beyond the control of Clarion and make it unreasonable and impractical for you to occupy the space or otherwise hold the event as scheduled.

For those who have sent in your Booth Contracts and any payments made toward those contracts, John and Brian will be in contact with you to confirm:

• Your booth location has remained in a similar position for the September 2022 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show;
• We have rolled your deposit and payment over to the September 2022 event;
• John and Brian will reach out to you for approval to a date change amendment to your Booth Contract.

Thank you for your continued support. Continue to stay healthy, safe and strong. We look forward to seeing you in person at our 2022 event(s).