Fresh From Florida-Food Tastes Better When It Is Grown Closer to Home

Welcome to Fresh From Florida.  We want FRLA members to share with their guests the amazing assortment of fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat and other products, grown right here in Florida.  With 47,500 farms and ranches spread over 9.7 million acres, Florida has a reputation of producing a wide variety of fresh and tasty food. From plentiful fruit groves to vegetable crops, seafood and cattle, these farms, abundant waters and ranches provide Florida with bountiful opportunity to eat good and do good.

And that’s exactly what Fresh From Florida is all about: supporting local Florida farmers, helping to create jobs in our communities and of course, making sure you can share with your guests all the fresh flavors Florida has to offer. 

Fresh From Florida promotes Florida’s agricultural products through consumer marketing campaigns, partnerships with more than 100 grocers domestically and internationally and is an established presence at industry trade shows. 

We conduct annual brand awareness surveys to measure consumer recognition and to understand what drives consumers to purchase products that carry the Fresh From Florida logo.  Not only is taste important when considering whether to purchase produce or protein for your restaurant, but information such as the results of our surveys and consumer logo recognition may encourage you to give your guests what they want and consider purchasing Fresh From Florida commodities for your restaurant.  

Key Takeaways 2022* Fresh From Florida (FFF) Brand Awareness Surveys of Interest to FRLA Members
*Survey published in April 2023

  • 88% of consumers surveyed recognize the FFF logo
  • 66% are willing to pay more for Florida-grown products
  • 79% of respondents said purchasing locally-grown fresh produce is important
  • 69% of respondents said they always look for locally-grown products
  • Top 4 reasons for buying Florida-grown produce
  • Fresher
  • Support Florida
  • Support farmers
  • Support local economy

At the heart of the marketing program is the sunny Fresh From Florida logo highlighting reliable Florida-grown commodities.  We leverage the logo to generate brand awareness with the goal of encouraging consumer purchases and spotlighting the importance of buying local and supporting Florida farmers. A comprehensive and year-round multi-media campaign targets key demographics to let consumers know what’s in season, how to use product in recipes, why Florida-grown commodities are the best and how to find them.  

Fresh From Florida would like to develop a partnership with Florida’s restaurants by increasing the demand for our Florida-grown commodities through B2B (restaurant to farmer) relationships and through farmer to foodservice distributor channels.  In addition, Fresh From Florida wants to extend the power of our multi-media marketing campaign to Florida’s restaurants.

Look for upcoming emails and information about Fresh From Florida as we build this partnership to offer the best of Florida flavors to your guests and at the same time support Florida farmers.  Choose fresh and remember, food tastes better when it is grown closer to home.

For more information, please contact:
Palmer Linscott
Fresh From Florida
Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Division of Marketing & Development