June Manager’s Tip of the Month from UHG

Welcome to Manager’s Tip of the Month! Each month we’ll spotlight an issue that is felt by employees in the hospitality industry. Then, we’ll provide insight on how managers and employers can address the issue and help build a positive workplace culture.

June: Equitable break policies

Statistic: 66% of hospitality workers surveyed report that offering consistent breaks for all employees would be a meaningful strategy to support their mental health1.

Problem: Due to the nature of hospitality work, employees often find it challenging to be positive and productive for long periods of time without breaks. Across all position levels, people may feel dejected, resentful, and exhausted if there is no time to step away. While it can be difficult to offer breaks consistently in hospitality work, the effort is worthwhile: “…breaks can reduce or prevent stress, help to maintain performance throughout the day… help to reset your mood… and [a break] increases levels of energy at work and decreases exhaustion”2.


Ideal Scenario: Show your team you care by providing clear guidance on when and how everyone, not only smokers, can take short breaks throughout the day.

  • Ensure all employees have access to breaks with clear protocols that ensure breaks are covered and communicated.
  • If possible, a manager can offer to take on duties for a few minutes when someone needs a quick break to cool down or breathe. That can make a world of difference.

Next Best Scenario: Things can get hectic at work. Maybe you’re short-staffed on a busy day, or there are other factors that make ensuring breaks seem impossible.

  • Be transparent with your team: clearly communicate your support and your effort to provide breaks even if you are unable to do so. This will demonstrate respect and care for the well-being of your team.


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2Foundation for Success: The Importance of Taking Breaks – The Wellbeing Thesis