Gov. Scott Issues Statement on Day #3 of FAA Furloughs

(April 23, 2013)

Today, Governor Rick Scott issued a statement on the continuing furloughing of FAA employees due to sequestration:

Governor Scott said, “Today is day three of FAA furloughs. Planes are being delayed and backups are mounting; still, no word from the President in response to our call to immediately end FAA furloughs. For the benefit of the countless families that depend on flight and tourism for their livelihoods, I again call on the President to go back to the drawing board. The federal government can solve this budget mess with common sense budget reductions, just as we have had to do at the state level. Each day without action, is another day we risk our positive economic momentum in Florida.”

According to, on Monday, there were nearly 7,000 flights delayed nationwide and 400 flights were cancelled. New York’s LaGuardia Airport posted that more than 50 percent of flights were delayed, at Fort Lauderdale more than 48 percent of its flights were delayed and more than 47 percent were delayed at Orlando.