FRLA’s Carol Dover Discusses Claims Procedures with Claims Czar Ken Feinberg

July 20, 2010 – At a recent meeting with Governor Charlie Crist, State Representative Jimmy Patronis, and other tourism and hospitality leaders in Northwest Florida, Carol Dover asked Claims Czar Ken Feinberg a question relating to those within our industry and filing claims.  The transcript is below.  Click on the YouTube link and hear response at the 2:17 mark.

Gov. Charlie Crist: Carol Dover, who represents the hoteliers and restaurateurs throughout the state of Florida, does a great job with that, and I know she would like to say a few words.

Claims Czar Ken Feinberg: Carol Dover asked…Can a hotel, or a motel or a restaurant that has not directly been impacted by the oil on the beach, file an eligible claim?  The answer is of course!  File a claim.  We’ll take a look at it.  We’ll seek corroboration, but by all means, file that claim.