Help for BP Oil Spill Victims

(Whitney Ray, Capitol News Service, January 27, 2011) Not satisfied with the way BP is trying to make amends, state lawmakers are pushing legislation to help people hurt by the oil giant’s mistake. Today in Tallahassee, bills to create tax breaks and extend unemployment pay for people who lost business because of the spill last summer received preliminary approval. Carol Dover, President of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association says the tourism industry needs help from the state and federal government as well as BP if it’s going to rebound in time for the spring tourism season.

“It hit during our peek season so some of our tourism industries have not recovered. Anything that BP can do, along with the legislature, that’s going to infuse cash, marketing, and tax incentives are good. Anything that we can do to get employees back on the payroll, people back to the panhandle and celebrating how beautiful north Florida is will help,” said Dover.

State lawmakers are also asking for help from Congress for income tax relief for the victims of the spill.