Women’s History Month – Recognizing Women Across Florida’s Hospitality Industry

March 4, 2022

In recognition of Women’s History Month, this March, FRLA will be highlighting interviews with women across Florida’s hospitality industry. Not only is Women’s History Month an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of women worldwide as well as the challenges they still face, but it is also a great time to highlight women hospitality professionals across the Sunshine State. At a time when the state is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and many women are re-entering the workforce. we are proud to highlight all they contribute to our communities, our industry, and our state.

We will share stories and insights from these women across hotels and restaurants, from all levels of experience. We hope you will follow our stories on this blog and across social media and help us to celebrate the amazing women in Florida’s hospitality industry.

The first Women’s History Day was celebrated in 1909 on the anniversary of protest of 15,000 women against terrible working conditions in factories across New York. As decades progressed, the recognition changed to Women’s History Week, and in 1987, the observance shifted to what we now know as Women’s History Month. Since then, each year the U.S. President issues a proclamation for Women’s History Month in March. For 2022, the theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” The theme is focused not just on female caregivers and frontline workers but also recognizes the caring nature across women of all cultures throughout history.

In Florida’s hospitality industry, women serve at all levels as they create meaningful experiences for our guests. In our first interview – to be shared in the coming days – we highlight Regional Manager of Innisfree Hotels and FRLA Board of Directors Chair Olivia Hoblit. She discusses how one of the most important aspects of female leaders is caring for others. She extends this approach to more than just guests but also to coworkers, team members, and others across her community. She was mentored as she was coming up in the industry, and she wants to help and invest in others and pay it forward to ensure women of great talent can succeed.

We can’t wait to share her story with you. Until next time!